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Founded in 1990, the French leather belts manufacturer SETA, now opens its boutique and workshop located
rue de Ménilmontant in Paris to private customers.

For years SETA has been a supplier to the finest stores in Paris and wishes now to welcome private customers
so as to bring us a step closer to our clientele.

As a colour, shape and material lover, we work with a wide range of leathers and alloys to satisfy all demands.
All of our products are hand-crafted in genuine leather.

Our knowledge and skill enable us to make all types of belts, per unit or in small series, made-to-measure or
in standard sizes. From classical belts to fashion belts, we can always offer you the best quality.

Through its collection, and whether it is for yourself or to offer, SETA will know how to please you and to
suit every style and personality.
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